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Acosta Stacy

Stacy  Acosta
Alter: 41
Erfahrung: 8 Jahre
Meine Gegend: 60433 (inkl. 1 km Radius)
Ausbildung: Fachhochschule

Über Mich

I also speak perfektes DEUTSCH and have basic skills en Espanol Hi I'm Stacy, 38 years old and a real pet lover. I'm a housewife and most of the time alone because my partner is working a lot. We are not owning dogs right now, but we have a Goldhamster Gizmo living in a glass terrarium. I always try to do my best to give them what they need with lots of affection and cuddles. I live in a dog friendly area with a big park at the nidda river but we have quiet paths to walk as well. I offer them at least 3 walks a day. We do also a short pee round directly before sleeping. Time depends on their needs. An old little dog can't walk as much as a husky for example. I never let a dog alone at home, not even for 10 min. They are my priority, all things aside like buying groceries are organized. I have two big dog beds, a dog house and basket, blankets, food/water bowls for them at home and several toys. In Summer I can put a dog pool at my outside place and a sun lounger. I have experience with dogs which have special needs, can give oral medications and bake sometimes treats for them or dry meat. Of course I can cook food for them if they are used to or i can mix up their rare Barf food. To give your little paws a relaxed and happy stay your dog should be okay with mostly other dogs and listen to basic commands to let him freely walk outside. I only put dogs together could really fit together. Never an old dog needs his tranquility with a puppy for example. I take my responsibility for them very serious and do my best to give them a great stay. Of course you get pictures daily, a report "how was our day" and time to time a video. The most easy way is I answer to your questions in person. So please contact me anytime. In case if an emergency you can give me a call during the night as well, I'm pretty flexible because I don't need to go to work ;) 017678140237 Kindly regards Stacy


- Hund

Regelmässigkeit: Vollzeit

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